“GM Classic & Muscle Car & Truck

Parts Here at Midstate Classic”

Midstate Classic carries quality products for GM classic and muscle cars & trucks such as A & M SoffSeal weatherstripping, Metro weatherstripping, trim, USA emblems, USA lens plus many more products. Let us help you with your restoration project needs. We carry classic & muscle car parts for your GM cars or trucks. We also have add a CARPET PAGE with about every car or truck you can think of GM, Ford and so on even Foreign cars and trucks. This page also has a shopping cart. We are add a how to article blog page. For your protection we our only taking credit cards on the phone. On-line order can be paid by Pay-Pal, check or money order. Just mail us your order and we will send you a total. To see the catalog page please scroll down and click on the catalog button.  If you want to Link to our page click on the Content button at the top. Our company is located in Sunny Florida. Our catalogs are $4.00 or check it out by clicking on the catalog button. With your order we will send you a personalized catalog with your make and model. So if you order please specify model and year.

Contact Information

Glenn & Jo Lisa Byers

Postal address
6241 C.R. 734 – Center Hill, FL 33514
Electronic mail
General Information: cs at midstateclassic dot com

Webmaster: jolisa at webchoice dot ws
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